A few words from the Principal.

Mr. Donald Christian Principal at IES Nacka

Continuous Development Never Gets Old

I want to begin with thanking you and letting you know what a pleasure it is to be the principal at IES Nacka.  The joy of leading the continuous change and development never gets old and only improves with each school year. The staff and students’ dedication to achieving excellence is always a pleasure to be a part of.  With that in mind, it is important to let you know that many wonderful events and improvements have been taking place this autumn term.

The teachers have been working to implement co-teaching across the subjects.  However, co-teaching is most concentrated in Swedish, Social Sciences and Math.  As a staff we have also begun the process of thinking, working, and communicating with a growth mindset.  At the start of the school year IES Nacka introduced a Year Level 4-9 initiative with the introduction of Health and Movement lessons for every class 45 minutes a week.  This has been a tremendous success and we look forward to the next term and more development in this area.

Many exciting events have happened . Our Year Level 9 students experienced Career Days in November.  Career Days involved a whole day in which guests from different lines of work came to visit the school and shared their educational background and how that has affected their careers. Students and career advisors from high schools in the area presented their schools and programmes, we are proud to be able to say that alumni students as far back as from IES Nackas’ very first year came to give our students their impressions of high school.

In Year 6 an amazing amount of work was put in to create a very successful carnival where parents were invited to enjoy live music from our talented students, and to help raise money for the coming Year 6 school trip. Everyone had an opportunity to purchase ornaments, food and bakery goods that had been made by the students and taking part in amazing handmade carnival games.  These game stands were extremely popular with everyone.  The effort and diligence put into making them was wonderful.

It is amazing to witness the progress in English from our Year 5 students. Their wonderful performances of “A Christmas Carol” were a joy to watch.  Each class put on a separate rendition and showed what future stars are walking amongst us at IES Nacka.

Our tradition of Lucia gets us all into Christmas spirits. This year’s performance once again exceeded all our expectations, with solo singing, star boys and poems. Thank you Ms. Andersson and Ms. Harmening for your dedication in making this such a memorable event.

On behalf of all staff I wish all of you a Happy Holiday season!


Mr. Donald Christian




Yet another Exciting Learning and Growth Experience

Spring is here!

Easter has come and gone, and it finally feels like spring is here to stay. It is a great pleasure to see the students outside again, playing ball, playing on the the swings and with the skipping ropes.

Start of an exciting Spring term

Happy holidays!

As the autumn term comes to an end I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their dedication and commitment to excellence.  We have been challenged by adversity (the flooding of 1100 sq. meters of the building) and shown that by cooperating and being flexible we can overcome any obstacle.  The Year Level 9 students (4 out of 5 classes displaced from floor 6) have been wonderful and deserve all our praise for going with the flow and moving around the building for a majority of this term.  

Welcome to the Fourth School Year Start at IES Nacka

Dear students and parents,

I would like to welcome all returning students and parents to a new Autumn term at IES Nacka. A special welcome to all our new students and parents that have chosen IES Nacka for their children.

The school started with a Mentor day where students and mentors had an entire school day to get to know each other and to also discuss the school rules and the Equality Plan, "Likabehandlingsplan".

Continuing on the Friday we had our first Year Level Day where each year level had fun and inspiring acitivities together throughout the day.

Closing Yet another Successful Year at IES Nacka

Dear students, parents and staff, 

With great pride and joy we are working our way to the close of the 2012-13 school year.  The growth of the school, from 760 to 870 students has been a grand success.  Each and every student, staff and parent has been the key to the progression of our school.  The dedication to excellence and drive to reach our potential is evident in so many of the accomplishments during the school year.

IES Nacka Runner-up in IES Social Science Competition

After a hectic half term we can all look forward to a well deserved break.

The last couple of weeks have been intense, with national tests, year level days, and S-P-T conferences.

Year 9 students had an exciting year level day meeting a choire with young students from Minnesota. Read more about their day under News.

We have all kept our fingers crossed and cheered for our team in Year 8 in the finals of the IES Social Science competition. After a very close final, IES Nacka came in second. The entire school is very proud of you! 


IES Nacka in the Final of Social Science competition

Dedicated in Creating an Amazing School!

The holiday season is upon us and we are all enjoying the festive spirit, food and of course, the snow.  It is wonderful walking around the school and seeing all the beautiful decorations in classrooms and open areas.   

As always we are so proud of how industrious and dedicated the students and staff are in creating an amazing school.  Whether it is group projects, practical subject assignments or individual assessments everyone is busy putting forth their best effort, up to the last day.

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