Our Story

Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka opened the doors in the Autumn of 2010 with 11 classes in Year 6-9.

The school has grown, and now have five classes in each year group, years 4-9.

We aim to have all students fully bilingual when they leave us after Year 9. We teach both in English and in Swedish. Social Science is taught in Swedish, Science in English. Maths is taught in English, but with Swedish books. Our assistant principal for academics follows up and develops student work continuously together with the Heads of Departments and staff.

We have two full-time school nurses, two counsellors, a Student Care manager, and an Assistant Principal for Student Care that actively work with the students every day. Our five school assistants are among the students throughout the school day. There is always an adult to turn to at IES Nacka.

Our classrooms are quiet when students work. Clear goals are presented for every task and students and parents receive direct feedback on the child's development. Students in the older year groups work 1:1 with MacBooks or Chromebooks.