Mr. Newkirk, music teacher from the USA, talks about the music studies here at IES Nacka, and how he works to get each and every student to get better at their music.


Ms. Nordal, English teacher from Canada, talks about what it's like to learn English at our school. What can a year 4-student expect to learn during their first year here? 





Mr. Parrish, a science teacher from England for year 4 and 5, explains what the science studies are like here. 




Ms. Geleta, science teacher from the USA for years 6-9, explains what our students are expected to learn in Science class, and how they work. 







Emily, a year four student, explains what she likes about our school


Nils, year 4, talks about learning English at IES Nacka




Linnéa, a year 5 student, explains the benefits of going to IES Nacka.