Exciting Autumn at IES Nacka

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From the Principal

Dear parents, students and staff,

The school year has gotten off to an amazing start and we are so pleased to have so many wonderful things happening at IES Nacka. There are new students and staff, new projects, and initiatives already taking place since the beginning of the school year.

Students have begun the process of getting to know their new classmates and adjusting to the Autumn schedule. The Student Council Board has been elected and soon class representatives will be chosen to lead the IES Nacka student body for the 2016-17 school year. We are looking forward to the ideas and debates on ways to raise the school spirit and create an unforgettable year. Students have taken part in the Student-Parent-Teacher development conferences and set up their IUPs (Individuell utvecklingsplan) for the Autumn term.

The IESN parents have met the new mentor(s), attended the SPTs, and had an opportunity to get involved at the first Parent Association meeting. Remember, participation in the P.A. is an excellent way to support the school as well as find out about all the ways you can take part in Year Level Days, Career Days, and special events.

The staff is busy with creating new unit sites, implementing co-teaching, and setting new standards in improving the school via Advanced Skills Teacher projects. As the school year unfolds we will highlight these projects taking place at IESN.

The first is: Health and Movement for Year Levels 4-8 being led by Mr. Artigas. This project creates weekly 45 min. lessons for all classes. These lessons focus on motivation, anti-bullying, growth mindset, yoga, meditation, as well as allowing time for the school counselors and nurses to meet with every class, several times a term. Mr. Artigas, working closely with the school assistants and other staff, ensures that all the students have an opportunity to develop and learn in many ways outside the usual curriculum.

The second is: Co-Teaching for Year Levels 4-9 led by Mr. Presland. This program was introduced a year ago and has been focusing on improving the school’s opportunities of differentiating the curriculum while developing the teaching methods and cooperation at IESN. There is currently co-teaching happening in a majority of the theoretical subject lessons.

As we settle into the beginning of a new Autumn term I want to thank everyone for making this one of the best starts at Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka and we are looking forward to many new events, learning moments and letting you in on all the things happening this school year.


Donald Christian
IES Nacka