Happy holidays from us at IES Nacka

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From the Principal

It has been an eventful autumn term and we are all looking forward to the holidays. Everyone has been dedicating themselves to academic and social development.  We have been incredibly busy both in different subjects and Year Level activities.

IES Nacka students continue their quest for excellence in Math and English iGCSE exams.  The Year Level 8 students are going on excursions to practice Spanish by practicing directions, going to restaurants and filming so it can be shown to the teachers.  Our Year Level 4 students have made the transition to IESN and are learning English at a frenetic pace. We are all so very proud of their tenacity and growth mindset.  The library has been in full swing with celebrating European Day of Languages, reading initiatives, as well as the “Bookmark competition”. The creative talents of our students is amazing.  

This autumn our Year Levels, with the support of our parents, have been the busiest in the school’s history.  From Year Level 4 to Year Level 9 events have been non-stop at the school. Halloween parties, Fun Friday, disco parties, ping-pong tournaments, fika parties, to career day (15 parents and alumni spent the day with Year Level 9) are just some of the things that have been going on this term.  We are really looking forward to the talent show that is taking place in January. Please look out for the information and come and support our future stars. Last but not least I want to mention the excellent work of our student council. We have been getting great ideas for lunch, playground equipment, café games and so much more. They are truly dedicated to informing the school leadership about the social and practical needs of the student body.

We at IES Nacka wish you all a joyous and peaceful holiday season.  Please remember our first day back to school will be January 8th, 2019.  


Donald Christian

Principal IES Nacka