Year 9 Museum Exhibit Assessment 2

Student Work
Year 9 Museum Exhibit Assessment 2


Since Winter Break, our Year 9 students have been working in their English lessons on their Museum Exhibits which will be displayed in the Light Garden on floor 6 in the glass case. Each exhibit was carefully made to connect it to the book that they are reading in their Literature Circle. In their groups, they created a scene to depict their study topic on their book. So dependent upon which book they were studying, students had a study topic to focus on when making their exhibit.

Novel Study Topics:

The Book Thief - life in wartime Germany

Alone in Berlin - German resistance efforts

Maus and Hana’s Suitcase - Legacy of the Holocaust

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Number the Stars - Children in war

Once, Then, and Now - Survival

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips and Friend or Foe - War affecting everyday life

Resistance - Wartime resistance movements

Our lessons have been a hive of activity and creativity and these pictures show the thought and care and attention that these groups put into their work. These exhibits will be graded by their teachers shortly. Each exhibit had to have two index cards to accompany it; one describing the exhibit and one detailing their research that they did to make their exhibit authentic and realistic. Well done, Year 9!