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Pool Tournament in the School Café

During week 10 and 11 the cafeteria organized a pool tournament, calling upon students to sign up, play the best in the school and take home the trophy. What a tournament it was!

In total 28 students from different year levels and classes signed up to compete.

During the two weeks the teams played one another, advancing in the tournament and gaining more and more confidence. By the end of week 11 we had two teams playing in the final with a crowd of people cheering them on. After an intensive and nail biting game we finally had a winning team!



Congratulations to Carl Magnus 7C and Oscar 7D!



International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

During week 10 we paid attention to all of the great Women of the past and present.

The international Women’s Day was first celebrated on the 19th of March 1911 but was moved to the 8th of March 1913. The day aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women. It also focused on helping women gain full and equal participation in global development. We need to address these issues due to that inequality and discrimination still exist.

We decided to pay tribute to all those strong women out there, present and past who have lead the way, showing the world that even if they have been ridiculed and/or questioned they have stood up for them selves and chased their dreams and accomplished their set goals.

With exhibitions on different floors as well as in the library we showed portraits of these wondrous women with short biographies on who they are or were. Fictive women characters as well as real as one can get. Role models for us all, not only women.

In the library we also had a small exhibition about "Strong Female Characters in Literature" open for the students and during lessons we brought it up in all different kind of ways.


From the Principal

Antagning till IES Nacka för ÅK 4 - Uppdatering mars 2019 / Admissions for year 4 - Update March 2019

*Regarding admissions for August 2019 Year 4:

We are continuing through the next batch of applications in the queue to fill our last few places, we have currently reached those that have applied before the beginning of September 2013. We will wait for these to get back to us and then continue down the queue in order of application date until we have filled our 150 places.

During the application process we will update our website regularly on how far we have come in the queue (according to application date)

- please note that we cannot give the actual queue place (number).

For all other queries:

Please note that we can’t give any information about any other schools,  please contact them directly or via our central website



*Angående antagning för HT 2019: Vi har börjat att se över nästa del ansökningar för de som står i kö till åk 4 HT 2019 och vi har kommit fram till de som ansökt före början av september 2013. Vi väntar nu på svar från dessa och kommer sedan fortsätta vidare i köordning tills vi fyllt alla 150 platser. 

Under antagningsprocessen kommer vi att uppdatera vår hemsida regelbundet om hur långt i vår elevkö vi kommit (enligt ansökningsdatum) - notera att vi kan ej ge information om köplats.

För andra frågor:

Notera att vi kan ej svara på frågor om någon annan skola,  kontakta dessa direkt eller via vår centrala hemsida:

Theme Week Day 4

  Day 4 of Theme Week at IESN:

During the week the photography group have been on outings to photograph for their project. On day 4 the editing, finial touches and framing are done in school for the exhibition on Friday.




Radio Podcast in action and editing



The Totempole group with their wonderful Totem heads



The Scary tour is just getting scarier for each day..




Students are putting in finishing touches on their car models and a few students are making a tank in Go Carts






Theme Week Day 3

Day 3 of Theme Week: Our students are working hard on their projects and having fun.

Preparing for the Scary tour on floor 11



The Escape rooms being built 



Stop Motion videos in the making




Students in Tie Dye trying out color and designs for their products