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Bookmark Competition

Bookmark Competition

During the first weeks of December the library organised a “Bookmark Competition”: the students could participate by designing their own bookmark on the theme “Winter Holidays”. A jury of staff members picked the winners for three different categories: “most creative”, “most colorful” and “best winter theme”.

The event was a big success! Many students from different year levels contributed with very original ideas and all the bookmarks were displayed in the Light Garden.  


Winner of “Most Creative” category


Winner of “Best Winter Theme” category


Winner of “Most Colorful” category



Students working on their bookmarks in the library


"International Language Competition 2019" (formerly known as Språkolympiden)

"International Language Competition 2019" (formerly known as Språkolympiden)

One more year, IES Year 9 Nacka language students are competing in the "International Language Competition 2019" (formerly known as Språkolympiden) in English, Swedish and French/Spanish. 

Our students will challenge themselves putting to the test their linguistic and cultural skills against other schools in the Stockholm region. They will face questions about grammar, history, geography and culture among other surprises.

We wish them good luck, lycka till, buena suerte and bonne chance!

Have a look at the link to check how this competition works:

Student queue information

The student queue for those children born in 2018 is now open for applications!

We get a lot of questions about skolval this time of the year - Since IES Nacka is a free school - friskola, the application process works differently and you can't select IES Nacka in your skolval until you have a confirmed placement from us. This however you can change throughout the schoolyear if relevant at later point this term.

If you have questions about this, please contact your local council (er lokala utbildningsenhet per komun).

Best regards,

Admissions, IES Nacka 



From the Principal

Antagning till IES Nacka för ÅK 4 - Uppdatering februari 2019 / Admissions for year 4 - Update February 2019

*Regarding admissions for August 2019 Year 4:

We are continuing through the next batch of applications in the queue, we have currently reached those that have applied before the middle of August 2013. We will wait for these to get back to us and then continue down the queue in order of application date until we have filled our 150 places.

During the application process we will update our website regularly on how far we have come in the queue (according to application date)

- please note that we cannot give the actual queue place (number).

For all other queries:

Please note that we can’t give any information about any other schools,  please contact them directly or via our central website

*Angående antagning för HT 2019: Vi har börjat att se över nästa delen av ansökningarna för de som står i kö till åk 4 HT 2019 och vi har kommit fram till de som ansökt före mitten av augusti 2013. Vi väntar nu på svar från dessa och kommer sedan fortsätta vidare i köordning tills vi fyllt alla 150 platser. 

Under antagningsprocessen kommer vi att uppdatera vår hemsida regelbundet om hur långt i vår elevkö vi kommit (enligt ansökningsdatum) - notera att vi kan ej ge information om köplats.

För andra frågor:

Notera att vi kan ej svara på frågor om någon annan skola,  kontakta dessa direkt eller via vår centrala hemsida: