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End of term letter from the Principal, June 2020

Dear students, parents and staff,


As we start the summer holidays and reflect on the school year that has been, I want to take the time to say thank you for all of your dedication and grit during the last twelve months.  The 2020 winter/spring term has been truly challenging and memorable.  Your positive attitude as well as willingness to support each other has been an inspiration to have been a part of.  


IESN has continued to achieve academically and socially.  The graduating year level will leave with the best overall achievement levels in the history of IES Nacka.  The staff and students have cooperated, collaborated, and pushed each other to accomplish amazing things.  We are all extremely proud of them.


The student council, after school programs / clubs, dedicated staff, student care team and administration have created a safe and caring environment for all the students and staff to work in every day.  So much time, energy and perseverance are involved in ensuring that IES Nacka is a place where everyone can belong.  


We continue the process of  renovating the entire school and look forward to August and the opening of the new kitchen, lunchroom and student area on floor 10.  The renovation on floors 6, 7 and 8 will continue in the autumn term with the goal of completion by January 2021.  

We at IES Nacka wish you a safe summer of 2020.  We are looking forward to welcome you back on the 17th of August 2020!

Best Regards,

Donald Christian

Principal IES Nacka


Thank you Project Connect for a great year together! 

We wish our Year 9 students well as they embark on their new journey in gymnasium in the fall!  

Project Connect is an after-school club bringing together people who want to help promote a welcoming environment for all students, regardless or race, color, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.  

I look forward to another great year together in the fall!



Year 5 Sun chair project

Year 5 Sun chair project

The Y5 students have finished up their sun chair project, which we worked on all term. The students learned how to measure wood and cut to the correct length, discussed what summer meant to them and found images that convey those feelings before deciding on an image they would like to use as their print. We then cut out fabric and created a hem all the way around the fabric using a sewing machine.  They worked with linoleum and linoleum knives to make a 'stamp' of their image that they then painted and put on their fabric. We then took the wood that had been cut, and followed the directions to build the sun chair using screws, a cordless drill, nails and a hammer. 


The fundraise for Majblomman

The fundraise for Majblomman is over and the total sum raised to prevent child poverty was 10 630 000 kr. 

Out of this, the fundraise that our y4 students held, raised 26 142 kr! Thank you for your help and support, we hope that this money will help a lot of children in Nacka, throughout the year. All the contributions, small or big, made us to the top three in all of Sweden, amongst the groups of children raising money!


Well done year 4 and everyone who contributed!


Mental Health Awareness Posters

Mental Health Awareness Posters

Students in Year 6 English class have been reading the book "A Monster Calls".  The book deals with many topics including depression, anger management  and other mental health topics.  


The students were asked to create a mental health awareness poster including facts and resources for help.  School counsellors, Mr. Cornelius Högkvist and Ms. Karlström, were so impressed with the student's work that they are including their posters in a school wide mental health awareness campaign. 


 Great work Year 6 students!