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Year 6 French challenge


IESN year 6 French students challenge each other in teams: Writing number formulas which the other team must spell.
The team with the least grammatical (& mathematical) errors WINS!  

The Result: Two teams tied for the win with a perfect score.  

Bien fait!



Language Day

September 26th was the European Day of Languages. We celebrated it with our traditional  “Favorite Word Competition” in the Library: students could vote for their favorite word or expression in Swedish, English, French/Spanish or any other language. Many students from all year levels participated and we got some really original choices! 

The lucky winners received 2 cinema tickets (first place), a voucher for the school cafeteria (second place) and a selection of books from the library (third place).

In addition to the library competition, Year 9 students were excellent language role models for the Year 6. They taught them numbers and revised how to introduce themselves in a fun and engaging way. Year 6 were impressed how good Year 9 were and they are looking forward to continuing their language speak like them!!



Student queues for other schools, new school opening in Värmdö kommun?

Due to our location in Nacka we get a lot of questions regarding the possibility of a new school opening in Värmdö.

Please note that all IES schools have their own queue. To read more about the new school opening in year 2021 and to apply to their queues, see link below:

To clarify:

*If you have your child in the queue for another school for example IES Nacka - you still need to apply for the other schools you are interested in - all IES queues are separate per school.

*Yes, you can place your child in the student queue for several different schools.

*No, if your child is already attending an IES school in Stockholm, you do not have an advantage in the queue for any other queue/other school. The sibling advantage only applies for siblings active in the same school.


for questions about queue please see the "join our queue" secion of this website, with FAQ's.


Improvisation and Collaboration

Improvisation and Collaboration

"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." - Charles Darwin

On Friday, October 18, students in Project Connect attempted several team building challenges.  All of the challenges involved improvising and collaborating to overcome obstacles that seemed impossible at first. Together they conquered all obstacles put before them! 

Diplomceremoni Majblomman

Den 25 september träffade Max Forsberg från 5B och Julia Zaitseva från 5D Hennes Majestät drottning Silvia på Slottet. De fick ta emot diplom som tack för sina fina insatser i samband med försäljningen av majblommor i våras. De var två av de ivriga och drivna elever i årskurs 4 på IES Nacka som tillsammans sålde majblommor för nästan 100 000 kronor i våras! Drottning Silvia är Majblommans högsta beskyddare och bjöd i år in ungefär 50 elever som hon ville uppmärksamma för att de varit extra engagerade i Majblommans insamling 2019.