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"Rise Like The Sunshine" at Project Connect

Project Connect (PC) is embarking on a journey of sharing some positivity around school!  

Project Connect is a student-led club which provides a safe, supportive environment for all students regardless of race, color, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.  Project Connect meets weekly at 15.00 on Fridays.  

If you are interested in joining PC, feel free to drop in or contact Mr. Högkvist on FL6.

Be on the lookout for some sunshine heading your way!


From the Principal

Antagning till åk 4 / Admissions to year 4

*Regarding admissions for August 2019 Year 4:

We have now filled all our 150 places to year 4 for the academic year of 2019/2020.

Those accepted applied before middle of January 2014.

As for all other year levels, if you would like to be moved up to the queue for the next year group, make sure to inform us before the end of the relevant school year.

For example, if your child is in year 4 and in the year 4 queue, let us know around easter time that same academic year if you would like us to move your child up to the year 5 queue for the next coming academic year group 5. We do not move children up automatically and  require that you let us know what queue you would like your child to be in. 

Note that we have no official intake to any other year level other than year 4.  We will contact the next student in line of relevant queue if there, for any reason, is an available place in any other year level.

For questions:

Please note that we can’t give any information about any other schools,  please contact them directly or via our central website

Regarding admissions for year 4 for start fall term of 2020 - We will start the process for admission around November of 2019.


*Angående antagning för HT 2019: 

Vi har nu fyllt våra 150 platser till årskurs 4 för läsåret 2019/2020.

De som är antagna ansökte före mitten av januari 2014.

Precis som för alla årsgrupper, vänligen informera oss innan slutet på skolåret om ni vill bli uppflyttade till det kommande läsårets kö.

T.ex. om ditt barn går i åk 4 och står i kö för årskurs 4, runt påsk under det läsåret så ska ni meddela oss om ni vill flytta upp ert barn till kö för årskurs 5 kö för det kommande läsåret.  Det är ingen automatisk uppflyttning utan ni får meddela oss vilken kö ni vill att ert barn skall stå i. 

Observera att vi har ingen antagning av nya elever till någon annan årskurs än till årskurs 4. Om det av någon anledning skulle bli en plats i någon annan årskurs någon gång under året så kontaktar vi nästa på tur -  i relevant elevkö för den årskursen. 

För frågor:

Notera att vi kan ej svara på frågor om någon annan skola,  kontakta dessa direkt eller via vår centrala hemsida:

Angående antagning till åk 4 för höstterminen 2020 - Vi kommer att börja antagningsprocessen som tidigast under november 2019.

Year 5 "Getting Along With Others"

"Getting along well with other people is still the world's most needed skill.  With it....there is no limit to what a person can do.  We need people, we need the cooperation of others.  There is very little we can do alone."  - Earl  Nightingale, American author and radio speaker


During mentor time in September, each Year 5 class has been meeting with school counsellors, Mr. Högkvist and Ms. Karlström, along with their mentors to talk about different strategies about getting along with other people.  Together we have been coming up with actions to help foster good relations.  In the coming weeks, the mentors will be continuing this important conversation with their students.  


From the Principal

Welcome back to school Autumn 2019

Dear parents, students and staff,

We are all excited to start the tenth year of Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka.  We have many accomplishments to be proud of as well as goals to achieve in this coming school year.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate the IESN staff and the students of the graduating Year 9 class of 2019 for the amazing work done to achieve a grade point average (meritvärde) of 291 points.  The Year Level 9 results of earning a C or higher in the national tests was outstanding: English 100%, Math 64%, Swedish 82%, Biology 92%, and Geography 92%. These are absolutely superb results and we are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication. 

A couple academic focuses for the school year are Social Science seminars from Year Level 4-9, continuing the implementation of increased time for Swedish (Year Levels 4-6) and an increase of one hundred hours of math that will include co-teaching (Year Levels 4,5,7, and 8) as well as three teachers for two classes in Year Levels 6 & 9.  Physical Education and Health has also increased by 100 hours. We have been creating new curriculum and you will see this in your children’s schedules as P.E. theory classes. Lastly, as we develop this school year the staff will also be updating all the unit sites for each subject taught at IESN. This will help us improve in our planning and educational achievement. 

We will have over thirty Mother Tongue languages and new company (Omniglot), delivering the services on Monday and Thursday mornings, starting week 37.

We have some new staff starting as well as returning staff that have changed positions at IES Nacka. Please take future opportunities to say hello to our new assistant principal, academic coordinator, nurse, counselors, school assistants, and teachers.  We are truly looking forward to everyone getting to know them and them joining our team.

Here at IES Nacka we have been improving the building with the painting of the walls, installing new sound absorbing photos, new play equipment and all new artificial grass on the play areas.  We will continue to do all we can to create and maintain a beautiful environment to work, play and develop together.

The SPT’s have been a time for all of us to get to know our new mentors and teachers.  The students have been demonstrating their growth mindset in setting goals and looking for the best ways to have a positive and happy 2019-20 school year.  As always please get involved at the school by being student council members, food council members, class parent representatives and volunteering to take part in different activities happening at the school. 

As we settle into the beginning of a new Autumn term I want to thank everyone for making this a positive and exciting start at Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka and we are looking forward to many new events, learning moments and letting you in on all the things happening this school year.



Donald Christian

Principal , IES Nacka