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The Convention of the Rights of Children

Thirty years ago, world leaders made a historic commitment to the world’s children by adopting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – an international agreement on childhood. It’s become the most widely ratified human rights treaty in history and has helped transform children’s lives around the world. But still not every child gets to enjoy a full childhood; too many childhoods are cut short. It is up to our generation to demand that leaders from government, business and communities fulfil their commitments and take action for child rights now, once and for all. They must commit to making sure every child has every right. Sweden has taken one step by now making it into a law by January 1, 2020.


Ms. Poletti, Social Science Teacher at IES Nacka has put up two exhibitions of The Convention of the Rights of Children in the school in Swedish and materials for classroom activity was sent in both English and Swedish.  


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Year 6 French challenge


IESN year 6 French students challenge each other in teams: Writing number formulas which the other team must spell.
The team with the least grammatical (& mathematical) errors WINS!  

The Result: Two teams tied for the win with a perfect score.  

Bien fait!



Antagning till åk 4 / Admissions to year 4 - update on progress: September 2020

Update September 2020

We like to thank you all that applied for year 4 for this school year of 2020/21. We had over 1200 applications and students that applied before 2014-10-06 have been offered a place before all 150 places were filled. 

If you didn't get offered a place but are still interested, please stay in the queue for now, incase there are any changes during this term - we will, no matter the time of the year, contact the next student in line IF a spot will open up. 

If you haven't heard anythig by the end of school year have not had an offer but is still interested for another year - please email to let us know what queue we should move your child to - for example year 5 for fall term 2021 or year 6 queue for 2022?

Kind Regards,

Admissions, IES Nacka


Update 11th of February 2020:

We have now filled almost all our 150 places for the year 4's starting in August 2020. In our student queue we got up until those that applied before the end of February 2014.

IF there are any places coming up -  as usual we will continue as we find out to contact the next in line. This if someone changes their mind at some point. This can of course happen at any point during the spring, summer or even after the school has started - IF we have a place, the next in line will be contacted. 

IF you have your child in our queue and by Easter break 2021 still haven't been contacted - but is still interested in a place, you can contact us to move your child up to the queue for year 5 August 2021 queue, your application date stays the same. 


IES Nacka 


Update 28th of January 2020:

We have now started looking at the next few in line to fill our last places for the year 4's starting August 2020. We contact people via email first and phone second as usual, and always strictly by the order in the queue. We will update again later next week about the progress.

We appriciate your patience.

Kind Regards,

IES Nacka


Update 23/12 2019:

End of November we had our Workshop for the first 180 students in the student queue. We have now 120 confirmed students so far that will start year 4 in August.

The last invited have until January 8th 2020 to reply, and after this we will continue the process until we have filled our 150 places.

At the moment we have contacted those that have applied before the 17th of January 2014. 

For now, we would like to wish you: Happy Holidays!

Kind Regards,

IES Nacka



Update November 28th 2019:

Vi har nu börjat processen för antagning inför åk 4 höstterminen 2020.

Vi kommer att kontakta de som står först i kö ( de som stått längst) för att se hur många av de första 180 barnen som är intresserade, i turordning.

Notera att vi har över 1200 barn i kö till HT-20 åk 4 och endast 150 platser.

Vi tillämpar syskonförtur som innebär förtur om man har barn på samma skola samtidigt. 

De första vi kontaktat har stått i kö sedan mitten av  januari 2014. Får vi ett negativt svar så fortsätter vi med att kontakta nästa på tur osv.

Vi kommer att uppdatera er vidare via denna sida regelbundet med hur långt i vår kö vi kommit. 

Tack för ert tålamod.

We have now started the admission process for the year 4 students of fall term 2020. We will contact the first (those with the longest application date) to see how many of the first 180 students that are still intersted, in turn. 

Note that we have more than 1200+ children in the queue for year 4 of the autumn term 2020 and only 150 places.  We apply sibling advantage meaning that you will have an advantage in the queue if you have siblings in the school at the same time. 

Those contacted in the first batch have been in our student queue since before the middle of January 2014. If we get a negative reply, we will continue contacting the next in turn and so on. 

We will keep updating you via this site regularly on how far in the queue we are. 

Thank you for your patience.

Language Day

September 26th was the European Day of Languages. We celebrated it with our traditional  “Favorite Word Competition” in the Library: students could vote for their favorite word or expression in Swedish, English, French/Spanish or any other language. Many students from all year levels participated and we got some really original choices! 

The lucky winners received 2 cinema tickets (first place), a voucher for the school cafeteria (second place) and a selection of books from the library (third place).

In addition to the library competition, Year 9 students were excellent language role models for the Year 6. They taught them numbers and revised how to introduce themselves in a fun and engaging way. Year 6 were impressed how good Year 9 were and they are looking forward to continuing their language speak like them!!



Student queues for other schools, new school opening in Värmdö kommun?

Due to our location in Nacka we get a lot of questions regarding the possibility of a new school opening in Värmdö.

Please note that all IES schools have their own queue. To read more about the new school opening in year 2021 and to apply to their queues, see link below:

To clarify:

*If you have your child in the queue for another school for example IES Nacka - you still need to apply for the other schools you are interested in - all IES queues are separate per school.

*Yes, you can place your child in the student queue for several different schools.

*No, if your child is already attending an IES school in Stockholm, you do not have an advantage in the queue for any other queue/other school. The sibling advantage only applies for siblings active in the same school.


for questions about queue please see the "join our queue" secion of this website, with FAQ's.