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The Junior Club Talent Show! Junior Club Guest Bloggers: Lisa G & Rut (4D)

Junior Club is a fun place where you play with your friends and kids create good ideas. Now this time after the break (höstlov) Junior Club is hosting a talent show for year 4:s! In this talent show dancing, singing and gymnastics are allowed. Kids can create groups to perform with. They can have 1/2/3  partner(s).

The talent show is hosted on the 15th of november (which is a thursday!)

The people who win will get rewarded with a prize. (The prize is unknown)
The judges will be 3 teachers, all will be judging performances done by kids.

The talent show is gonna be fun for those who like to show what their talents are, and just generally showing themselves in front of others. Many have signed up, that means that the talent show will be full with different performances.

The talent show was originally arranged by Lisa G from 4D (me writing this)

That is it for now, have a nice day!

Written by Lisa G and Rut (from 4D)