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Theme Week Day 4

  Day 4 of Theme Week at IESN:

During the week the photography group have been on outings to photograph for their project. On day 4 the editing, finial touches and framing are done in school for the exhibition on Friday.




Radio Podcast in action and editing



The Totempole group with their wonderful Totem heads



The Scary tour is just getting scarier for each day..




Students are putting in finishing touches on their car models and a few students are making a tank in Go Carts






Theme Week Day 3

Day 3 of Theme Week: Our students are working hard on their projects and having fun.

Preparing for the Scary tour on floor 11



The Escape rooms being built 



Stop Motion videos in the making




Students in Tie Dye trying out color and designs for their products


Theme Week

The students in Year 4-7 have Theme Week. That means they all are working on fun projects, in mixed groups throughout the whole week. These projects are happening in the school, please scroll down to see some of them in the works!


Students in Murals painting the walls on floor 8
and on floor 7 


International Chefs baking cookies


The Scary Tour being built



Go Carts in the making..