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Theme Week projects

During Theme Week, 18 different projects were held at the school and all groups were mixed year levels between YL 4-7. The students worked together and spent time together in their groups during lunches and breaks throughout the week. Friday was the big day when guardians were invited to the school to see the projects their children have been working on all week. It was very appreciated and the students were very proud of their work and of what they had learned.

See below for some glimpses from Theme week...

Conlangs- Constructed Language

In Conlangs ( Constructed Language) the students developed their own languages and also translated a short story in their language.

Students are listening to the different sounds humans use for speech in order to pick which ones they want to use in their language.

The student is creating vocabulary based on a set list of words from the story they will translate.

Students are binding and and writing in the books that will tell a story in their language



During the first days of theme week the Photography group was out and about at museums, photo exhibitions for inspiration. The group also went on field trips to the city, Gamla Stan and Skansen to take pictures. The students choose their favorite picture to mount for the exhibition at school.



Recycled Totem pole

In this group the students made their own totem heads out of recycled material. They went to Etnografiska to get inspiration and to learn about the history of totem poles.



The colorful totem pole the students made during Theme week, placed on floor 5 in the Light Garden.


Tie Dye

In Tie Dye the students learned how experiment with color, create shades of color and designs. They put these designs on T-shirts and other pieces of cloth they wanted to tie dye.