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The Junior Club Talent Show! Junior Club Guest Bloggers: Lisa G & Rut (4D)

The Junior Club Talent Show!  Junior Club Guest Bloggers:  Lisa G & Rut (4D)

Junior Club is a fun place where you play with your friends and kids create good ideas. Now this time after the break (höstlov) Junior Club is hosting a talent show for year 4:s! In this talent show dancing, singing and gymnastics are allowed. Kids can create groups to perform with. They can have 1/2/3  partner(s).

The talent show is hosted on the 15th of november (which is a thursday!)

The people who win will get rewarded with a prize. (The prize is unknown)
The judges will be 3 teachers, all will be judging performances done by kids.

The talent show is gonna be fun for those who like to show what their talents are, and just generally showing themselves in front of others. Many have signed up, that means that the talent show will be full with different performances.

The talent show was originally arranged by Lisa G from 4D (me writing this)

That is it for now, have a nice day!

Written by Lisa G and Rut (from 4D)

Student Work

8C English project

8C English project

8C have produced some great film posters on the book they have finished studying in English. Their task was to create a realistic film poster for an imaginary film of the novel (as there is no existing film for this book). They rose to the task, creating some excellent posters which would not look out of place in the corridors of Filmstaden! 

/ Ms Davies, Head of English Department


From the Principal

Health & Movement class

Health & Movement class


”Health and Movement” classes, which are offered once a week to Year Levels 4-8, offer a time for students to focus on their general well being.  Class topics range from yoga, eating habits, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, growth mindset and dance...(as you can see some YL6 students are enjoying with Mr. Högkvist!)



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World Book Week - IES Library Project

In the occasion of World Book Day, the school library hosted a World Book Week between the 23rd and the 27th of April. The event featured new activities everyday to promote the enjoyment of reading.


Students could try out different forms of poetry (Blackout poetry and collage) and test their Harry Potter knowledge with a quiz on the popular book series.

They then had the chance to get inspiration for their next reads and recommend books they liked to fellow students.

Year 4 and 5 also got to take part to a book-themed Scavenger Hunt.


The lucky winners of the quiz and the Scavenger Hunt received a Akademibokhandeln giftcard.



Project connect supports "Day of Silence"

Project connect supports "Day of Silence"

Project Connect is an after school club that supports and recognises individuals of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. 

Project Connect meets twice a week after school.

A regular meeting could range from discussing LGBTQ topics, creating posters to bring awareness to LGBTQ issues, crafting, dancing, and sometimes planning events! 

On April 27th, Project Connect is organising IESN's participation in the worldwide movement - the Day of Silence. On this day, students will take a pledge of silence to raise awareness for the discrimination and harassment that LGBTQ+ youth too often experience.  


20180522: Added to this post - We had 472 students sign up for the event which was awesome to see such support and enthusiasm for the event. As far as feedback, we noticed a lot of individuals who weren't signed up were discussing the event throughout the day and the event itself sparked a lot of conversation regarding LGBTQ+. This was the primary goal of the event, to raise awareness. Our hope is that we use this day of awareness to now break the silence that LGBTQ+ individuals face, and speak out when we see individuals being bullied or harassed. Not only here at school, but in the community and worldwide.