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Amhariska, italienska, pashto, grekiska, ryska, kinesiska, polska, spanska….detta är bara några av de över 30-talet hemspråk som vi har undervisning i här på IES Nacka.

Att ha tillgång till flera språk är en fin gåva som är väl värd att underhålla och utveckla – och det är just det som sker på hemspråkslektionerna.  

Vi har många elever och externa lärare som kommer, speciellt på måndag-och torsdagsmorgnarna för undervisning. Modersmålsklasserna sker alltid utanför det ordinarie schemat för att inte ta tid från de ordinarie ämnena eller från de också så viktiga lunchtimmen eller rasterna.


Det är intressant det man kan läsa om hemspråkets roll hos Skolverket:

“Syftet med undervisningen är att ge eleven möjlighet att utveckla kunskaper i och om sitt språk. Modersmålet har stor betydelse för barns språk, identitets-, personlighets- och tankeutveckling.”

Samt att forskare har funnit att tvåspråkiga förskolebarn är bättre än sina enspråkiga kamrater på att fokusera på en uppgift samtidigt som de ska ignorera distraherande faktorer.

Bara goda möjligheter – även om man missar en sovmorgon i veckan.


Amharic, Italian, Pashto, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish ... these are just some of the over 30 languages ​​that we teach here at IES Nacka.

Having access to several languages ​​is a great gift that is well worth maintain and develop - and that's just what happens at the mother tongue lessons.

We have many students and external teachers who come, especially on Monday and Thursday mornings for their mother tongue classes. These lessons are always outside the regular schedule, so as not to take time from the regular subjects or from the so important lunch hours or breaks.

You can find interesting reading at Skolverket (The National Agency for Education): "The purpose of the teaching is to give the student the opportunity to develop knowledge in and about his language. The mother tongue is of great importance for children's language, identity, personality and thought development."  

And researchers have found that bilingual pre-school children are better than their mono-lingual peers to focus on a task while ignoring distracting factors.

So here we have great possibilities - even if you miss a lie-in morning.


Orienteering training in PE with 6C

6C practices their orienteering skills with Mr. Högkvist and Ms. Kay during their weekly physical education class.  During week 40, they will put these skills to good use during Sports Day at Hellasgården where they will be participating in many fun activities!

Sports Day is held twice a year (in the fall and spring terms) for all year levels.  This is a day filled with fun activities where the students get to work on their physical fitness and orienteering skills.


Student Work


In the Maths department, we have a wealth of material to cater for all students mathematical appetites! With heavy focus on real world applications and problem solving, students not only learn the basic concepts but are able to apply them in a number of ways, inside and outside the classroom.

We also offer students the chance to join in with a "Maths Competition Club", where students can enter nationwide competitions or the "iGCSE Cambridge Examination" - an internaitonally recognised qualification, were students learn advanced Mathematics and fully prepare themselves for Gymnasium! We also have online resources such as www.MyiMaths.com where students get individual work set or teach themselves with online lessons and homeworks (Material is suitable for all students).


Student Work

Update from Science and PE department 20180921

Update from the Science and PE department


Science in Grade 4 and 5 are looking at the ecology and the local nature around Nacka and how they interact with one another.

In grade 6 we are introducing the concept of the atom to the students.

In grade 8 we are also looking at ecology but more from the point of view of adaption to the environment for animals and plants.

In year 9 we are looking at Genetics.


Currently in PE we are focusing on orienteering in preparation for the upcoming sports day where the year 4 and 5s will be in Nyckelviken. Whilst the older years will be completing a more difficult orienteering course in Hellasgården.

Student Work

Update from English and Music department

iGCSE First Language coming up in week 42 

Each week 2 workshops are put on either after school on Wednesdays or 8.10-8.55am on Fridays to give students a choice about which workshop they attend. Currently out of the 42 students signed up and entered for the exam, 32 students in year 9 are attending a workshop each week. They are studying advanced skills in reading comprehension and writing-in-role to practice their skills for paper 1 of this British exam run by Cambridge International Examinations Board. In two weeks time, they will be studying advanced writing skills to practice for paper 2. 

Our Year 6s are working hard in English on their rap unit. They are practicing clapping out syllables, making Haiku poetry and working on rhymes using Rhymezone and brainstorming around the room. 

Our Year 7s are working on symbols and have created their own personal shields to symbolise what they are like. Many are colourful and contain some surprising elements, like Netflix and saving the environment. Next week, our Year 7s will be reading three stories from which to choose to make a static image. This is always an enjoyable unit that most students (and the teachers) find great fun. We will post images of them when they are done.

In Music, Year 8 students are learning about The Genre of the Week! Last week, it was Rock Music and Mr. Newkirk explained about the elements which make up good rock music.