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European Day of Language at IES Nacka

European Day of Language at IES Nacka

We celebrated our annual European Day of Languages at IES Nacka with several engaging activities to promote language learning. Year 9 students taught Year 6 basic French and Spanish. Year 9 were great role models that acted as inspiration for the younger ones.


Students created a wall in which they wrote greetings in all the languages they know. At IES Nacka we have a lot of students who speak another language rather than Swedish or English and this was their chance to celebrate it.


¡Gracias! Merci! Tack! Thanks!


From the Principal

End of term letter from the Principal, June 2020

Dear students, parents and staff,


As we start the summer holidays and reflect on the school year that has been, I want to take the time to say thank you for all of your dedication and grit during the last twelve months.  The 2020 winter/spring term has been truly challenging and memorable.  Your positive attitude as well as willingness to support each other has been an inspiration to have been a part of.  


IESN has continued to achieve academically and socially.  The graduating year level will leave with the best overall achievement levels in the history of IES Nacka.  The staff and students have cooperated, collaborated, and pushed each other to accomplish amazing things.  We are all extremely proud of them.


The student council, after school programs / clubs, dedicated staff, student care team and administration have created a safe and caring environment for all the students and staff to work in every day.  So much time, energy and perseverance are involved in ensuring that IES Nacka is a place where everyone can belong.  


We continue the process of  renovating the entire school and look forward to August and the opening of the new kitchen, lunchroom and student area on floor 10.  The renovation on floors 6, 7 and 8 will continue in the autumn term with the goal of completion by January 2021.  

We at IES Nacka wish you a safe summer of 2020.  We are looking forward to welcome you back on the 17th of August 2020!

Best Regards,

Donald Christian

Principal IES Nacka


"Rise Like The Sunshine" at Project Connect

Project Connect (PC) is embarking on a journey of sharing some positivity around school!  

Project Connect is a student-led club which provides a safe, supportive environment for all students regardless of race, color, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.  Project Connect meets weekly at 15.00 on Fridays.  

If you are interested in joining PC, feel free to drop in or contact Mr. Högkvist on FL6.

Be on the lookout for some sunshine heading your way!


Camping With 6C

Camping With 6C

During the past month in Physical Education (PE) class, 6C has been learning basic camping and survival skills with Ms. Kay and Mr. Högkvist.  The students have been learning how to erect a tent, set up a fire safely and also learn about the importance of environmental responsibility.  The students did a great job and demonstrated fantastic team work!  

From the Principal

Antagning till IES Nacka för ÅK 4 - Uppdatering mars 2019 / Admissions for year 4 - Update March 2019

*Regarding admissions for August 2019 Year 4:

We are continuing through the next batch of applications in the queue to fill our last few places, we have currently reached those that have applied before the beginning of September 2013. We will wait for these to get back to us and then continue down the queue in order of application date until we have filled our 150 places.

During the application process we will update our website regularly on how far we have come in the queue (according to application date)

- please note that we cannot give the actual queue place (number).

For all other queries: info.nacka@engelska.se

Please note that we can’t give any information about any other schools,  please contact them directly or via our central website www.engelska.se



*Angående antagning för HT 2019: Vi har börjat att se över nästa del ansökningar för de som står i kö till åk 4 HT 2019 och vi har kommit fram till de som ansökt före början av september 2013. Vi väntar nu på svar från dessa och kommer sedan fortsätta vidare i köordning tills vi fyllt alla 150 platser. 

Under antagningsprocessen kommer vi att uppdatera vår hemsida regelbundet om hur långt i vår elevkö vi kommit (enligt ansökningsdatum) - notera att vi kan ej ge information om köplats.

För andra frågor: info.nacka@engelska.se

Notera att vi kan ej svara på frågor om någon annan skola,  kontakta dessa direkt eller via vår centrala hemsida: www.engelska.se

Språkolympiaden 2019!

Språkolympiaden 2019!

On Wednesday 6th March, 2019, students represented IES Nacka in the Språkolympiaden 2019 competition at Kungsholmen Gymnasium.

The contest began with French. Anna Lundgren and Lara Pallarés and Maria Clara Talaba Fernandes represented our school and at the end of 21 questions there were four schools tied on 12 points. There were five tie-break questions and Anna & Lara got 4 out of 5 questions right, taking 3rd place and were awarded a trophy!

French Competition

1. The French School, Stockholm

2. Vasa International

3. IES Nacka


The next competition was Spanish. IES Nacka were represented by Lisa Prahl, Lydia Brorsson and Jaya Kask. This was such a close competition and at the end of 21 questions there was a tie-break for second and third place. The questions were tricky but Lisa & Lydia put up a great performance but were just pipped at the post by IES Älvsjö. So close! We finished 4th.


Spanish Competition

1. IES Gävle

2. Viktor Rydberg Skolan

3. IES Älvsjö

4. IES Nacka


Straight after Spanish came the English contest and our hopes rested with August Kjellsson, Camilla Uggla Pino and Esther Wikström. They put up a great performance tackling some very difficult questions. Our team were beaten in a tie-break against IES Täby and came 4th. A very close-run contest indeed.

English Competition

1. Kunskap Skolan

2. Skogstorpsskolan

3. IES Täby

4. IES Nacka


And finally, the Swedish competition began with IES Nacka’s team of Edvard Eriksson and Iheb Daboussi. They fought really hard and answered some tricky questions on a range of Swedish topics. At the end there was a battle for 3rd place in which the organisers had to think up several more tie-break questions on the spot as they had run out of questions to separate IES Huddinge and ourselves. In the end, the last question on August Strindberg caught out our team and IES Huddinge took third place and in a very close contest.


Swedish Competition

1. Vasa International

2. Kunskap Skolan

3. IES Huddinge

4. IES Nacka


We returned to school with one shiny trophy and our heads held high as our students did their best and most of all, they enjoyed participating in this exciting competition for the whole of the Stockholm region. If you visit our reception, you will see the trophy for French in out glass cabinet in reception. Great work!


Ms Davies and team!







From the Principal

Happy holidays from us at IES Nacka

It has been an eventful autumn term and we are all looking forward to the holidays. Everyone has been dedicating themselves to academic and social development.  We have been incredibly busy both in different subjects and Year Level activities.

IES Nacka students continue their quest for excellence in Math and English iGCSE exams.  The Year Level 8 students are going on excursions to practice Spanish by practicing directions, going to restaurants and filming so it can be shown to the teachers.  Our Year Level 4 students have made the transition to IESN and are learning English at a frenetic pace. We are all so very proud of their tenacity and growth mindset.  The library has been in full swing with celebrating European Day of Languages, reading initiatives, as well as the “Bookmark competition”. The creative talents of our students is amazing.  

This autumn our Year Levels, with the support of our parents, have been the busiest in the school’s history.  From Year Level 4 to Year Level 9 events have been non-stop at the school. Halloween parties, Fun Friday, disco parties, ping-pong tournaments, fika parties, to career day (15 parents and alumni spent the day with Year Level 9) are just some of the things that have been going on this term.  We are really looking forward to the talent show that is taking place in January. Please look out for the information and come and support our future stars. Last but not least I want to mention the excellent work of our student council. We have been getting great ideas for lunch, playground equipment, café games and so much more. They are truly dedicated to informing the school leadership about the social and practical needs of the student body.

We at IES Nacka wish you all a joyous and peaceful holiday season.  Please remember our first day back to school will be January 8th, 2019.  


Donald Christian

Principal IES Nacka

Dancing with 6C!

”We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” - Albert Einstein

6C created there own dance routines in Wednesday’s PE class with Mr. Högkvist and Ms. Kay.  Stay tuned for next weeks PE class where they will be creating a larger group dance!



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