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Author Linda Lodding visiting Year 4 at IES Nacka


Linda Lodding is a children's author from the United States who has written a number of books including "A Gift For Mama" and "The Queen Is Coming for Tea".

She gave 5 x 60-minute talks to the Year 4's talking about her writing experiences and what goes into the writing, editing and publication of a children's book. 

Mr Parrish

English teacher & mentor of 4B, IES Nacka

Student Work

Year 9 Museum Exhibit Assessment 2


Since Winter Break, our Year 9 students have been working in their English lessons on their Museum Exhibits which will be displayed in the Light Garden on floor 6 in the glass case. Each exhibit was carefully made to connect it to the book that they are reading in their Literature Circle. In their groups, they created a scene to depict their study topic on their book. So dependent upon which book they were studying, students had a study topic to focus on when making their exhibit.

Novel Study Topics:

The Book Thief - life in wartime Germany

Alone in Berlin - German resistance efforts

Maus and Hana’s Suitcase - Legacy of the Holocaust

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Number the Stars - Children in war

Once, Then, and Now - Survival

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips and Friend or Foe - War affecting everyday life

Resistance - Wartime resistance movements

Our lessons have been a hive of activity and creativity and these pictures show the thought and care and attention that these groups put into their work. These exhibits will be graded by their teachers shortly. Each exhibit had to have two index cards to accompany it; one describing the exhibit and one detailing their research that they did to make their exhibit authentic and realistic. Well done, Year 9!





Dancing with 6C!

”We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” - Albert Einstein

6C created there own dance routines in Wednesday’s PE class with Mr. Högkvist and Ms. Kay.  Stay tuned for next weeks PE class where they will be creating a larger group dance!



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Student Work

IES Nacka - Svenska - update from Swedish department - IESN#whatwedo

Just nu jobbar vi med en massa olika saker i svenskan. Fyrorna skriver sagor som sedan ska läsas upp för sjuorna. Sjuorna gör samma sak och ska i gengäld läsa sina sagor för fyrorna. De får då träna extra på att anpassa sina berättelser för en yngre publik. Båda årskurserna läser också mycket sagor under detta moment och lär sig vad som gör en saga till en saga. 


I årskurs fem gör vi presentationer som handlar om oss själva och vår historia. Då använder vi dator och Google Presentations. Sexorna skriver läskiga spökhistorier och ritar bilder till dessa. Några av dessa historier kommer därefter att tryckas i en bok tillsammans med engelska historier som vi sedan kommer att ha i vårt bibliotek. 


Åttorna debatterar för fullt, både genom att skriva artiklar och att hålla argumenterande tal och niorna skriver faktatexter som handlar om allt ifrån hajar till tv-spel. Källkritiken är extra viktig i denna uppgift. Dessutom har sexorna och niorna precis haft muntliga nationella prov. De flesta brukar vara lite nervösa innan provet men säger nästan alltid efteråt att bara var kul.

Student Work


In the Maths department, we have a wealth of material to cater for all students mathematical appetites! With heavy focus on real world applications and problem solving, students not only learn the basic concepts but are able to apply them in a number of ways, inside and outside the classroom.

We also offer students the chance to join in with a "Maths Competition Club", where students can enter nationwide competitions or the "iGCSE Cambridge Examination" - an internaitonally recognised qualification, were students learn advanced Mathematics and fully prepare themselves for Gymnasium! We also have online resources such as www.MyiMaths.com where students get individual work set or teach themselves with online lessons and homeworks (Material is suitable for all students).


Student Work

Update from English and Music department

iGCSE First Language coming up in week 42 

Each week 2 workshops are put on either after school on Wednesdays or 8.10-8.55am on Fridays to give students a choice about which workshop they attend. Currently out of the 42 students signed up and entered for the exam, 32 students in year 9 are attending a workshop each week. They are studying advanced skills in reading comprehension and writing-in-role to practice their skills for paper 1 of this British exam run by Cambridge International Examinations Board. In two weeks time, they will be studying advanced writing skills to practice for paper 2. 

Our Year 6s are working hard in English on their rap unit. They are practicing clapping out syllables, making Haiku poetry and working on rhymes using Rhymezone and brainstorming around the room. 

Our Year 7s are working on symbols and have created their own personal shields to symbolise what they are like. Many are colourful and contain some surprising elements, like Netflix and saving the environment. Next week, our Year 7s will be reading three stories from which to choose to make a static image. This is always an enjoyable unit that most students (and the teachers) find great fun. We will post images of them when they are done.

In Music, Year 8 students are learning about The Genre of the Week! Last week, it was Rock Music and Mr. Newkirk explained about the elements which make up good rock music.