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European Day of Language at IES Nacka

European Day of Language at IES Nacka

We celebrated our annual European Day of Languages at IES Nacka with several engaging activities to promote language learning. Year 9 students taught Year 6 basic French and Spanish. Year 9 were great role models that acted as inspiration for the younger ones.


Students created a wall in which they wrote greetings in all the languages they know. At IES Nacka we have a lot of students who speak another language rather than Swedish or English and this was their chance to celebrate it.


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Celebrating the 2018 European Day of Languages at IES Nacka

Celebrating the 2018 European Day of Languages at IES Nacka

In commemoration of the European Day of Languages, IES Nacka has hosted a series of events throughout the school which were aimed at raising awareness about foreign language learning and linguistic diversity. The school believes this is a fantastic opportunity to help students realize the value of acquiring a foreign language.


The Modern Language Department has organized an initiative in which year 9 students were invited to take part in year 6 language lessons. More specifically, some year 9 students volunteered to teach a year 6 lesson where they had to ask basic questions and test how much the younger kids knew about the objects in the classroom.


In addition, a year 6 student volunteered to teach basic Japanese words to her classmates, and afterwards, we had a group discussion about the difficulty of learning a language with characters, the difference between formal and informal register, and other cultural differences.


Finally, the school’s library hosted a "Favorite Word Competition". Throughout the whole week, students were welcome to go to the library and vote for their favorite words in Swedish, English, Spanish, French or any other language of their choice. Those who wanted an extra challenge could even pick an idiom, or read aloud a tongue twister before voting.


A raffle took place on Friday and the winners got the following prizes:

1st place: 2 cinema tickets

2nd place: 100 kr worth Akademibokhandeln gift card

3rd place: A selection of books from the library


Happy EDL!


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