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From the Principal

Welcome back to school

​Dear students and parents,
I want to welcome all of you to the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.  
During the ​first couple of weeks of August, the Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka staff have been busy with inservice training, setting up the classrooms, and preparing the new curriculum.  
​Remember that the first day of school is a mentor class day, the second day is a Year Level Day and Friday is a regular class schedule day.  Over the next couple of weeks we look forward to mentor/parent evenings, SPT meetings, and class pictures​. 
​The staff is eager to see all of you and to start another year of amazing development and growth. 
​ See you all on Wednesday. ​

Best Regards,

Donald Christian


IES Nacka

From the Principal

Exciting Autumn at IES Nacka

Dear parents, students and staff,

The school year has gotten off to an amazing start and we are so pleased to have so many wonderful things happening at IES Nacka. There are new students and staff, new projects, and initiatives already taking place since the beginning of the school year.

Students have begun the process of getting to know their new classmates and adjusting to the Autumn schedule. The Student Council Board has been elected and soon class representatives will be chosen to lead the IES Nacka student body for the 2016-17 school year. We are looking forward to the ideas and debates on ways to raise the school spirit and create an unforgettable year. Students have taken part in the Student-Parent-Teacher development conferences and set up their IUPs (Individuell utvecklingsplan) for the Autumn term.

The IESN parents have met the new mentor(s), attended the SPTs, and had an opportunity to get involved at the first Parent Association meeting. Remember, participation in the P.A. is an excellent way to support the school as well as find out about all the ways you can take part in Year Level Days, Career Days, and special events.

The staff is busy with creating new unit sites, implementing co-teaching, and setting new standards in improving the school via Advanced Skills Teacher projects. As the school year unfolds we will highlight these projects taking place at IESN.

The first is: Health and Movement for Year Levels 4-8 being led by Mr. Artigas. This project creates weekly 45 min. lessons for all classes. These lessons focus on motivation, anti-bullying, growth mindset, yoga, meditation, as well as allowing time for the school counselors and nurses to meet with every class, several times a term. Mr. Artigas, working closely with the school assistants and other staff, ensures that all the students have an opportunity to develop and learn in many ways outside the usual curriculum.

The second is: Co-Teaching for Year Levels 4-9 led by Mr. Presland. This program was introduced a year ago and has been focusing on improving the school’s opportunities of differentiating the curriculum while developing the teaching methods and cooperation at IESN. There is currently co-teaching happening in a majority of the theoretical subject lessons.

As we settle into the beginning of a new Autumn term I want to thank everyone for making this one of the best starts at Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka and we are looking forward to many new events, learning moments and letting you in on all the things happening this school year.


Donald Christian
IES Nacka

From the Principal

Summer time is here

Dear students, guardians, and staff,

The summer is here and we are finishing out an eventful school year. The staff and students have been busy making this a memorable and exciting time. This year has seen the introduction of new programs and many achievements.

Our students have been excelling in the IGCSE English, Math and Spanish exams. We have also done wonderfully in the National Exams in English, Math, Social Science, Swedish and Science. I want to thank everyone for the effort and perseverance in working so hard to make these results possible.

This year one of our year eight classes took part in an international test and survey called ICCS 2016, which measures students knowledge, values and engagement in social questions all over the world. The results will be presented later this year.

The staff and students have also been involved in numerous events. Drama with IEGS, World Book celebrations (our library organized a book swap, reference competitions, and a school wide dress-up as your favorite book character). We have taken part in the IES Språkolympiaden, schackfyran (two students have made it all the way to the national finals), football tournaments, district games in different sports and held a Year Level 6 carnival. Last but not least, we have had memorable trips to Tom Tits, Gotland as well as Barnens ö.

The 2015-16 school year has also seen new programs and projects at IES Nacka. We added a small bandy pitch to the school yard, improved the seating area in the playground, rebuilt the assembly room on floor 12, as well as setting up beautiful art murals in the building. The förstelärare program at IES Nacka has built and decorated a mural wall in the play area, held a guest science lecture series and truly educational after school experiments, improved and redecorated the craft classrooms, started a Teacher to Teacher shadow program, seen the implementation of seminars in Social Science from grades 7-9, as well as seen the creation and implementation of the Health and Movement course.

Lastly we have had a brilliant cooperation with Salisbury and Millersville Universities. We have had 14 teacher candidates and 5 professors spend two weeks at the school. This has been an opportunity to give the students a view of teaching in Sweden as well as a chance for us to evaluate and improve our co-teaching program. I want to give a special thank you to all the families that volunteered to welcome the teacher students into your homes and be amazing ambassadors for the school and Sweden. The university staff and students truly enjoyed the experience and were deeply moved by your hospitality and kindness.

As always I want to thank you for all of your support and dedication to making Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka an exciting and rewarding place to be.


Donald Christian

From the Principal

Continuous Development Never Gets Old

I want to begin with thanking you and letting you know what a pleasure it is to be the principal at IES Nacka.  The joy of leading the continuous change and development never gets old and only improves with each school year. The staff and students’ dedication to achieving excellence is always a pleasure to be a part of.  With that in mind, it is important to let you know that many wonderful events and improvements have been taking place this autumn term.

The teachers have been working to implement co-teaching across the subjects.  However, co-teaching is most concentrated in Swedish, Social Sciences and Math.  As a staff we have also begun the process of thinking, working, and communicating with a growth mindset.  At the start of the school year IES Nacka introduced a Year Level 4-9 initiative with the introduction of Health and Movement lessons for every class 45 minutes a week.  This has been a tremendous success and we look forward to the next term and more development in this area.

Many exciting events have happened . Our Year Level 9 students experienced Career Days in November.  Career Days involved a whole day in which guests from different lines of work came to visit the school and shared their educational background and how that has affected their careers. Students and career advisors from high schools in the area presented their schools and programmes, we are proud to be able to say that alumni students as far back as from IES Nackas’ very first year came to give our students their impressions of high school.

In Year 6 an amazing amount of work was put in to create a very successful carnival where parents were invited to enjoy live music from our talented students, and to help raise money for the coming Year 6 school trip. Everyone had an opportunity to purchase ornaments, food and bakery goods that had been made by the students and taking part in amazing handmade carnival games.  These game stands were extremely popular with everyone.  The effort and diligence put into making them was wonderful.

It is amazing to witness the progress in English from our Year 5 students. Their wonderful performances of “A Christmas Carol” were a joy to watch.  Each class put on a separate rendition and showed what future stars are walking amongst us at IES Nacka.

Our tradition of Lucia gets us all into Christmas spirits. This year’s performance once again exceeded all our expectations, with solo singing, star boys and poems. Thank you Ms. Andersson and Ms. Harmening for your dedication in making this such a memorable event.

On behalf of all staff I wish all of you a Happy Holiday season!


Mr. Donald Christian




From the Principal

Yet another Exciting Learning and Growth Experience

The start of the 2015-16 school year has come and gone with a flurry of activity.  We began with the Year Level 9 students, mentors and parents going on a trip to Gotland.  The biking, sightseeing, waterland and other cultural events were an amazing experience.  The new and returning Year Level 4-8 students hit the ground running with an eventful new class day and then the joy of the team building activities of the first Year Level Day.  As always, our Year Level 7 students welcomed the new Year Level 4 students and showed them around the building and answered all their questions about what it is like to be a student at IES Nacka.

We quickly moved into parents’ evening and the introduction to new staff, parents and the school start.  We are pushing for dedicated class parents and parent association members.  Please remember to join the P.A. and become an active participant in all the school events, year level days and outings.  Shortly after our parents’ evenings, we held our Student Parent Teacher (SPT) meetings for all students at IES Nacka.  This was a great success and each student began the term by setting up their individual development plan.  Everyone will be focusing on areas of academics, social growth and career interests.  

Parents have been presented with the new initiatives of co-teaching, health and movement as well as improvements to the play area. The co-teaching effort is taking place school wide with special focus in Swedish, Math, and Social Sciences.  The Health and Movement program is weekly 45 minute classes from Year Level 4-9.  These classes include lectures on social and emotional development, health development, wellness, balance, and time management.  The improvements to the school yard include a new bandy pitch, more seating and mural wall (two meters by 20 meters) that will be painted by students throughout the school year.  

The staff has and will continue to get development in the areas of differentiation, communication, assessment, and co-teaching.  Helena Wallberg conducted a staff training September 12th on effective assessment. We will be joining five of our sister schools for a regional conference in October with the theme of entrepreneurship,  speakers will be with us in January highlighting areas of co-teaching and communication and we will continue to build our relationship with Millersville University in the Spring.  

As always it is a joy and an honor to welcome all of you to IES Nacka for the 2015-16 school year and we know it will be an exciting learning and growth experience.  


Donald Christian


IES Nacka


From the Principal

Spring is here!

Easter has come and gone, and it finally feels like spring is here to stay. It is a great pleasure to see the students outside again, playing ball, playing on the the swings and with the skipping ropes.

Since Christmas, there has been several activities going on in and outside the school. First, we are very proud to present that our Modern language students participated in the national competition Språkolympiaden and thanks to the average points we got in the first round, we were invited to the "Regional Final" in Uppsala. Our students did extremely well and they got a second place in French and a fifth position in Spanish. This is a huge achievement that shows how committed our language students are. Congratulations!

Year 8 students have arranged activities to raise money for their Gotland trip. On Fettisdagen they set a record in selling semlor - in 33 minutes they sold several hundreds of semlor to the other students (and teachers). They also arranged a very popular Valentines disco for the year 4 students, with balloons, dancing och and a lot of other treats.

An Art and poetry fair is going on in IES Nacka. Year 9 students have been working on their art pieces all year and a vernissage was held in March. It is still possible to see the pieces all around school.


There are photos posted under Nyheter here on www.nacka.engelska.se


From the Principal

Start of an exciting Spring term

It is great to be back into the swing of things in a new year.  The snow is brightening the days and we have many events to look forward to.  

The Year Level 9 Winter Ball, Art projects, parent mingle evening, career/education visits by volunteering parents, and many more exciting activities.

We have made great progress on the reconstruction of floor 6 after the water leak we had in September and we look forward to gaining more access in the near future.

We are, as always very proud of our students' academic levels and their enthusiasm for learning.

Mr. Parrish, our Head of English, has just received the provisional grades for last term's IGCSE English as a second Language results.  

IESN had a record number of students sitting the exam this year- 53.

There was a strong batch of results including 3A*s (*=stars), 9 As and 14 Bs. The results would have been even better if all students had been able to complete the full exam. Unfortunately students can't be awarded a grade if they do not sit all parts of the exam.

Overall, we are very proud of all the students who challenged themselves to sit an international examination at a higher level to the National Tests.

The staff is also dedicated to offering the students activities after school hours in our different clubs. Our Junior Club for the younger students have different activities every week, and the older students can choose from a range of after school clubs like Board games, Chess, Land hockey, Choir etc. This term three different Drama Clubs have started, with different groups for different year levels. Together with Skapande skola some of our Year 4-5 students are rehearsing for their show "Heroes and Villains" which will be performed in late April.

From the Principal

Happy holidays!

As the autumn term comes to an end I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their dedication and commitment to excellence.  We have been challenged by adversity (the flooding of 1100 sq. meters of the building) and shown that by cooperating and being flexible we can overcome any obstacle.  The Year Level 9 students (4 out of 5 classes displaced from floor 6) have been wonderful and deserve all our praise for going with the flow and moving around the building for a majority of this term.  

Teachers and staff were pivotal in minimizing damage to the school. TAM group have worked diligently to get repairs started as quickly as possible. Since the end of September there has been a great deal of progress in restoring the school to its original condition.  Group rooms on floor 7 and 8 are back in use and the games room on floor 5 is open and being enjoyed by all.  We expect that the entire building will be back to normal by March 3rd, 2014.  

This autumn term has seen amazing developments in the counseling program.  We at IES have added a counselor to the staff, Ms. Momeni.  We now have two 100% counselors. Year Levels 4-9 have been receiving classroom guidance in social, emotional, and communication lessons.  These classroom guidance sessions have been and will continue to be an integral part of our student care program.

Mentor time lesson planning has been a great success this term as well as the fifteen minute sessions for following up on IUP goals for each student.

Year Level 8 and Year Level 9 have just completed PRAO and all reports indicate that it has been a grand success.  Both employers and students have enjoyed the opportunity and believe this to be a valuable experience.

Lucia was a beautiful event with a memorable performance by the students and the Music department.  As always, we are reminded how much talent we have at IES Nacka.  

As you all know it is assessment time and students’ current level of achievement will be published at the end of the week. Please remember to go into SchoolSoft and read the knowledge profile to help understand what has been accomplished and what is yet to be achieved.

On behalf of all staff I wish all of you Happy Holiday season!

From the Principal

Welcome to the Fourth School Year Start at IES Nacka

Dear students and parents,

I would like to welcome all returning students and parents to a new Autumn term at IES Nacka. A special welcome to all our new students and parents that have chosen IES Nacka for their children.

The school started with a Mentor day where students and mentors had an entire school day to get to know each other and to also discuss the school rules and the Equality Plan, "Likabehandlingsplan".

Continuing on the Friday we had our first Year Level Day where each year level had fun and inspiring acitivities together throughout the day.

We now look forward to an exciting educational Autumn!



From the Principal

Closing Yet another Successful Year at IES Nacka

Dear students, parents and staff,  

With great pride and joy we are working our way to the close of the 2012-13 school year.  The growth of the school, from 760 to 870 students has been a grand success.  Each and every student, staff and parent has been the key to the progression of our school.  The dedication to excellence and drive to reach our potential is evident in so many of the accomplishments during the school year.

This can be seen in reaching the finals of “Shackfyran”, both the boys and girls placing second in the Junior IES football competition, placing second in the IES Social Science competition, second in the IES Eurovision contest, the progression of our boys and girls in the field hockey program, the amazing performance of the Year Level 4 and 5 students in “Wonderland” drama and music performance, all the beautiful art/crafts work that has adorned the building for so many weeks this term and of the music that is made and played throughout the building.  

IES Nacka continues to show excellence in our academic success.  Whether this is on the National Exams, the IGCSE exams or in the achievement of high assessment levels from Year Level 4 to Year Level 9.  We our indeed pleased and proud of the level of dedication that each and every person has demonstrated throughout the 2012-13 school year.

We also need to highlight the continued social and emotional development of our school.  With each week, month and term we have shown the capacity of respecting each other, our school, and ourselves.  This caring and consideration is a true honor to be a part of.

Thanks to all of you being a part of this journey and I wish you a warm, sunny and relaxing summer.  We look forward to seeing all of the returning students and the 150 new Year Level 4 members of IES Nacka on August 15th, 2013. Lastly, on behalf of all staff I wish our graduating Year 9 students the best of luck in your future education.


Donald Christian

Principal Internationella Engelska Skolan Nacka