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Sports day with year 6

Sports day with year 6

Ms Davies reports from Sporst day at Hammarbyhöjdens IP with Year 6



Most of these pictures are either during the hurdling event, the tug of war (with Mr Farrar) or the 100m run.

It was at Hammarbyhojden IP and the weather as you can see, was very hot and sunny. Everyone had a great time. 



Mr Farrar narrowly beat Emma in 6C at the 100m but only just!





From the Principal

IES Nacka Science project - in cooperation with KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The study is “studying the effects of responsive joint attention in social robotics” by Andre Pereira, Leonor Fermoselle, Joakim Gustafson from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The task consisted of a game in which the student tries to use special reasoning to solve a puzzle alongside a Furhat Robot. 

This is a state of the art artificial intelligence system and involvement in this project may stimulate students’ interest and curiosity to want to learn more about computer science and technology. 

The project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Program: BabyRobot Grant No. 687831.


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